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LG Mobile phone secret codes :

After sharing   NOKIA  SAMSUNG & MOTOROA  mobile phone secret codes, its time for another common brand 'LG'.
So, Let's try it !
2945#*#                                                               To access the mode of the set
2945*#01*#                                                       Use to display the secret menu of LG mobile set
*8375#                                                                 Use to dispaly the mobile software version
*#06#                                                                   To display IMEI number
2945#*#                                                               To set the defult settings of mibile phone
1945#*5101#                                                     Use to mange sim lock menu for LG(B1200)
2945#*5101#                                                     Use to mange sim lock menu for (LG 5200, 510W)
2947#*                                                                 Use to manage sim lock menu for (LG500, 600)
47328545454#                                                    To set defult settings of mobile
*#07#                                                                   To display the SW and IMEI number
277634#*# or 47328545454#                       To remove the security codes of LG ses
*6861#                                                                 To recount checksum
##2342                                                                 Apply to resets the set advanced settings
##786                                                                    Used to reset the mobile memory and life timer
##889                                                                    To enable the TTY
#PWR 668                                                            To perform the Factory test

Stay in tuch with us to get secret codes of Sony Ericson mobile phone. 

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